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Start अब Voice aims at providing young entrepreneurs a platform to share their startup journey, and ensure that their story is heard.
We've built a platform for young entrepreneurs that will not only bring them to light, but also encourage others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Each story you submit on Start अब Voice will be reviewed by a editor and ten will be published.

Start अब Voice wants to elevate the stories of ALL startup founders, but that would be impossible if we only leveraged our weekly podcast.


Startअब Voice™



‘The E-Weekly’ is a weekly compilation of assorted topics and premier picks to keep your entrepreneurial and intellectual game strong.


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Authored by the entrepreneurial enthusiasts of Hansraj College, we present you with highly engrossing hand-picked content at your disposal for you to flick through and enlighten yourself with some random mind-boggling bits and events of the entrepreneurial world. These are concise compilations of business picks, trends and affairs making them perfect short reads.


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