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The Story of Rapido

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Revolutionizing the face of bike taxi services, Rapido has managed to capture a commendable position in the start-up arena of India.

Pavan Guntupalli (also a co-founder of theKarrier) is one of the co-founders of Rapido. Previously, he worked as a software developer in Samsung Research India. The other co-founder of the company is Rishikesh SR, also the founder of IMPStant and theKarrier. And the third co-founder for the same is Aravind Sanka, who is also the co-founder of theKarrier. Previously he was the Finance Business Partner in

The foundation of Rapido dates back to theKarrier days, which was modeled on a logistics and supply-chain driven model that enabled their clients to seamlessly transport their belongings. They quickly realized that shifting gears from B2B to B2C has more room for growth.

B2C meant that the company can no longer deal with trucks but has to shift to bikes to ease the transportation requirements of the customers because going for cars would again mean an added financial burden for the company, tons of competitors, facing traffic, delays and many more. Therefore, with the simple idea to ease the journey of the customers, they started working initially with 15-20 people, who sowed the seeds for Rapido.

They wondered how Ola and Uber are not at all affordable options for everyone on a daily basis and the traffic in big cities is increasing every day. So they devised a plan to dodge some of the obvious problems and plan for successful motorbike rides.

For this, they hired people, especially those who owned two-wheelers. Along with that, the founders wanted to bring up something new, which was way different from Ola and Uber as they invested heavily in vehicles. Consecutively, they mapped out the development of the Rapido Captain app to aid the two-wheeler owners to register themselves and verify their details with the company.

As of now, the primary goal of the company is to keep their app updated along with the addition of newer and more interesting features that would make it more convenient for both the captains as well as the users. The founders are also thinking of reducing the rates. Moreover, they are looking to add fuel up their rides with something unique, which will allow the users to travel faster. Furthermore, they are planning to include a subscription-based power pass for its regular customers to make their rides more affordable.

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