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DU Connect: For students, By students

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

"In May 2020, I had just finished my freshman year at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. I was not a part of any academic societies or had any POR's, internship experience, certifications and had performed sub-par in my examinations. I was confused, perturbed, and lacked direction. I didn't have anyone to guide me when I entered Delhi University and wasn't aware of LinkedIn. Keeping the same thought in mind, while also being cognizant of the admission problems which students faced, I founded DU Connect with Kartik in May 2020. We started by reaching out to people on LinkedIn with just a simple word document consisting of our vision for the initiative :)

Initially, our vision was to help students gain mentorship and connect with seniors in their respective colleges. Hence, we started with our social media handles on different platforms and posted information regarding colleges, admission cycles, societies, etc. We formed a

student advisory board of 50+ students from different colleges in Delhi University and solved student doubts and queries through a "mentorship-connect" model, wherein we connected students to different advisors. We also solved different queries through our page on Quora. As time progressed and we scaled our team, we realized that there are various other problems that the students face daily ranging from upskilling, mentor networking, exposure, etc. Hence we started conducting various internship programs which witnessed the participation of 200+ interns in each batch.

We tried to give students an elementary introduction into different domains like marketing, consulting, finance, etc. We also conducted various webinars, mentorship programs, and pro bono training sessions to facilitate the development of students. Afterward, we launched 2 exclusive paid programs "Case Crack" and "Digital Marketing Summer Camp" which witnessed the participation of 250+ students.

Later, we realized that there are other problems faced by students in terms of finding like-minded peers, networking, internship opportunities, jobs, competitions, etc. Hence, we acquired Blue Leaves Community in February 2021. We grew the community by 300% in less than 6 months and scaled it to 15,000+ members. It served as a platform to disseminate information about internships, jobs, courses, and as a platform for societies to share their events, fests, programs, etc. During the same time, we also discovered other hurdles faced by the students like finding accommodations, utilities, merchandise, books and notes, etc. Hence, we started aggregating partners and building partnerships to solve these problems.

Until now, we have done the following:

Education: We have conducted 2 cohort-based learning programs after due market research & analysis so far. About 154 students enrolled for these paid programs and provided feedback which helped us assess the need for more such programs. Additionally, we affiliated Finance & Marketing based courses that gauged student interests. Provided admission consultancy to more than 1000+ students and solved 3000+ student queries via our network.

Accommodation: We partnered with 50+ rental properties near major campuses and provided accommodation solutions.

Merchandise: We partnered with production enterprises to affiliate sales of generic and customizable T-Shirts, Varsity, and Hoodies. A total of 650 units were sold among the students of different colleges.

Books & notes: A pro-bono offering that attracted a large pool of students. Free resources on placement guides, examinations, upskilling, and academic notes were made available to around 10000 students who were members of our community.

Utilities: We conducted secondary market research on need-based utilities and discovered student groups in need of an integrated platform to fulfill all their utility needs. Service lines includes tiffin services, flex printing, decoration committees, gifting accessories, and catered to other miscellaneous services.

Community: More than 15000+ members have already joined ,and new members join every 5 minutes. 500 events, 1000 Internship opportunities, 100 jobs, and 200 skill enhancement courses along with 50 mentorship sessions have already been conducted and counting.

Currently, we are building a centralized platform that solves all student problems via a centralized marketplace and a learning community!

However, most importantly we were able to meet great people, make lifelong friendships, gain mentorship, learn entrepreneurship, scale a start-up, and gain innumerable lessons which have helped us in college! The journey so far has been gratifying, as we have been able to impact 1,50,000+ students and counting! We are looking forward to the journey ahead and giving back to the student community!"

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