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How to get Motivated when your startup fails?

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Written By Naina and Sneha

Look into the past of any successful entrepreneur and you will see a long list of setbacks and opportunities for comebacks. But it is only the eventual comeback that is known to the world. We all experience failures in our life. Be it regarding our grades, our relations, or anything. And business failures don’t hit any different. When that one business with which you had all your expectations fails, then your dreams begin to shatter. We all begin to fall prey to FAILURE and let it win. But this is when motivation comes into picture.

People claim that Thomas Edison failed 999 times before he finally came up with the lightbulb on the 1000th try. This is a total lie. It is normal in a lab to experiment with many materials before coming up with the right one.

“Oh! Your experiment didn’t work? Ok, change something, and let’s try a new experiment.”

The same goes for businesses. If you fail once, you learn from it and make sure you come up with something new for the next time. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. So don't just expect your business to pass without facing any hurdles. Be ready to face them head-on.

Steve Jobs had an emphatic comeback from an almost irrecoverable failure. Jobs found success in his 20s when Apple became a massive empire, but when he was 30, Apple’s board of directors decided to fire him. Undaunted by the failure, Jobs founded a new company, NeXT, which was eventually acquired by Apple. Once back at Apple, Jobs proved his capacity for greatness by reinventing the company’s image. He could’ve given up easily but he didn’t.

One way to bounce back from a setback is to read books. As bizarre as it may seem, books can really change one’s life. Just turn towards them, and you'll find a solution. Try reading books of famous entrepreneurs and business people. Their experience will be like a helping hand to you. Moreover if you keep doing what You Love and keep fighting for the same then no one can stop you from your dream. Businesses require a lot of hard work and dedication which is only possible if the business is your passion. Even after failures, you won’t give up.

In the words of Jeffery Milano, CEO of The Peoples Chemist:

“Always work like you only have a dollar and you never have to worry about anything.”

Don't think of money as a boon or curse, just go with the flow. Give everything you have to the business and the business will replicate it with rewards. If you never become an entrepreneur to start the business that you’ve been dreaming of, you’ll never fail but you’ll also never succeed either. All entrepreneurs fail. Successful entrepreneurs use that failure to their advantage. Failure is not the end of the world. It is just the beginning of new possibilities.

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